FL-IDN (Instructional Designer Network)

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About IDT Around Florida & Call for Participation

The FL-IDN calls for your participation in the IDT Around Florida project. The goal of the project is to promote a culture of quality instructional design and technology in Florida higher education institutions by creating a collection and highlight of the instructional design and learning technology teams/units/offices across the state.

Submission Guidelines
  • Each submission should include a brief introduction of the team/unit/office with who they are, what services they provide and their key recommendations on quality instructional design strategies.
  • The unit/team/office can determine the media format when sharing the above-mentioned information (in text, image, audio, video, multimedia, or a combination of selected media format).
  • The collection should include the team/unit/offices’ website link as well as the related resources they choose to share.
  • Please email your submission to Tom Tu (ttu@flvc.org).