The Florida Quality Matters Consortium (FLQMC) provides faculty and staff from participating institutions information and resources to promote quality course design and to build collaborative relationships and shared expertise through statewide collaboration. The primary goal is to improve the quality of courses and learning experiences for students in online and blended courses.

The Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC) serves as the Lead Institution for a Quality Matters System Subscription license that welcomes the Florida College System and State University System, DLSS Members Council, and partners to join as the Affiliated Institutions. The System Subscription gives institutions a more cost-effective way to collaborate with one another as they work toward improving course design and meeting QM standards. Institutions who join the System Subscription will benefit from conducting course reviews together, sharing QM resources, and leveraging professional development workshops to inspire action across the system.

There are 36 institutions (including FLVC) listed under the Florida Quality Matters System Subscription. FLVC serves as the System Lead Institution. The others are the affiliated institutions. Complete list of affiliated institutions

FLQMC General Goals
For learners
for institutions
For the Florida Virtual Campus
Structure and Benefits

The FLVC finalized the Quality Matters System subscription in 2018. QM defines a System subscription (details available at QM Membership and Fees) type as a Full subscription with a Lead institution that includes Affiliate institutions as part of the System subscription. System Affiliate members receive all benefits of the Full subscription and are able to collaborate within the System to:

  • Provide QM workshops to participants from all member institutions
  • Conduct Subscriber-Managed QM-Certified Course Reviews
Member Cost: Consortium & System

The Florida System License provides institutions with lower costs, more services, and FLVC Administrator Coordination.

Small (1-2 online programs): $1925/yr/org.
Standard (3+ online programs): $2860/yr/org.
$6355/yr for lead institution
$1275/yr per affiliate institution
3+ Organizations: All Faculty and Staff
Lead and Affiliate Organizations: All Faculty and Staff
All Full subscription benefits
All Full subscription benefits
License to facilitate APPQMR at their own institution only
License to facilitate APPQMR for all affiliates
Custom Reports
System and affiliate reporting tools

Additional details on the different licenses can be found here.

Contact & Questions

FLVC has designated Tom Tu as the System Lead QM Coordinator. Tom has been a QM Certified Peer Reviewer since 2008. Please feel free to contact Tom for any questions regarding Florida Quality Matters System.