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Florida Virtual Campus helps to identify, evaluate and coordinate the negotiation of statewide licensing to products and services licensed on behalf of the Distance Learning and Student Services Member Institutions.


Using an annual contract interest survey, our institutional appointed members identify services and products of most importance to them, specifically pertaining to student services and distance learning. Upon collection of those responses, the DLSS members council then votes for the top licenses to be pursued by FLVC. FLVC, as part of FSU, then follows the legal review and procurement process at FSU to finalize any statewide licenses, contracts or agreements.

Legislation & Regulation

Florida Statute 1006.73 Florida Virtual Campus

(5) The Florida Virtual Campus shall:

(e) Coordinate the negotiation of statewide licensing of electronic library resources and preferred pricing agreements, issue purchase orders, and enter into contracts for the acquisition of distance learning resources, student and library support services, electronic resources, and other goods and services necessary to carry out its duties under this section.

(h) Identify and evaluate new technologies and instructional methods that can be used for improving distance learning instruction, student learning, the efficient delivery of student support services, and the overall quality of undergraduate distance learning courses and degree programs.

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