Florida Academic Success and Quality (FLASQ)

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The Florida Academic Success & Quality (FLASQ) Initiative is one of the essential services that FLVC provides to Florida’s higher education institutions. The FLASQ serves as an “Umbrella of Collaboration for ALL”, which includes:

  • The FCS and SUS institutions as well as the ICUF institutions
  • Institutions who are Quality Matters subscribers
  • Institutions who are not Quality Matters subscribers

The FLASQ supports high quality design in courses and academic programs by providing access to resources, training and best practices as well as encouraging collaboration among faculty and staff for maximum student success. The FLASQ’s main focus areas are:

  • instructional strategies and delivery methods
  • instructional and learning technologies
  • quality standards, rubrics and best practices
  • best practices in academic and student support services
Florida QM Consortium (FLQMC)

The Florida Quality Matters Consortium (FLQMC) provides faculty and staff from participating institutions information and resources to promote quality course design and to build collaborative relationships and shared expertise through statewide collaboration. The primary goal is to improve the quality of courses and learning experiences for students in online and blended courses.

Best Practices Inventory

We believe quality teaching and learning is built upon research findings and best practices in education. The Best Practices Inventory serves as an inventory for a range of helpful resources such as quality instructional design, quality standards and rubrics, effective teaching and learning practices, technologies and processes, student support resources.


The Teaching Online Preparation Toolkit (TOPkit) is a comprehensive, openly-licensed resource that empowers those who prepare faculty to teach online/hybrid course offerings and who manage faculty development programs. Although TOPkit is Florida-funded, it has an international reach.