Course Numbering

Specific to this document, the letter "X" has been used to indicate the following situations:

  • Any level course acceptable. Example: MAC X013
    This means MAC 1013, or 2013, or 3013, or 4013.
  • Any course acceptable. Example: CHM XXXX
    This means any course with the prefix of CHM such as CHM 1045 or CHM 1046, etc.
    May be accompanied by an explanation.
  • Numerous course(s) with various prefixes and numbers. Example: XXX XXXX
    These courses are always accompanied with an explanation. For instance, this designation may be for foreign language, where prefixes/numbers may be for Spanish, Latin, French, German, etc.

Important: The eligible course(s) will be determined by the institution in which the student is enrolled for his/her lower-level course work and will be accepted in transfer at any other institution as meeting the common prerequisite requirement. If the receiving institution has preferred course, and requires the student to take its course, that course is not to be regarded as a common prerequisite, cannot be required for admission and must be accommodated in the junior and senior years without exceeding the specified number of credit hours for the degree.

In some instances, courses and labs appear to be listed incorrectly, when, in fact the combination listed is Correct. Such an example is in CIP 51.2307 where PHY X053 is coupled with the lab PHY X048L.