Catalog Year in Effect

The Common Prerequisites Counseling Manual, compiled in a common format as established by the Oversight Committee, will be the "official" publication. The manual will be distributed annually on the Internet for viewing by all institutions. The initial effective date of the Common Prerequisite Counseling Manual shall be Fall Semester, 1996. Students enrolled prior to Fall, 1996 shall come under the catalog year in effect at the time or have the option of coming under the new catalog. Each subsequent Common Prerequisite Counseling Manual will be effective with the following Fall Term. Students who matriculate in 1999 will come in under the 1999-2000 Common Prerequisite Catalog, students who matriculate in 2000 will be under the 2000-2001 catalog, etc.

Transfer students: Students who transfer from one public institution to another in the State University and Community College Systems within two (2) years of their matriculation and seek admittance to the upper division come under the common prerequisite requirements of their entering catalog. For example, a student who enters a Florida community college in Fall 1999 and seeks admittance to an upper division major for Fall 2001 must meet the major common prerequisites listed in the 1999-2000 Common Prerequisite Manual. However, if the student does not seek admittance within two years of his or her matriculation, he or she will come under the manual dated two years prior to transfer. For example, if the student enters in Fall 1999, but does not transfer until Fall 2005, he or she must meet the requirements of the 2003-2004 Manual.