Course & Degree Requirements 

This legislation outlines the roles and responsibilities of the Florida Department of Education in regards to degree requirements, prerequisites, and courses. In summary, the DOE is required to:

  • Identify degree programs offered at higher education institutions,
  • Postsecondary career education programs offered by Florida College System institutions and district school boards;
  • Career courses designated as college credit courses applicable toward a career education diploma or degree;
  • Courses offered by universities and accepted for credit toward a degree
  • Common prerequisite courses and course substitutions for degree programs across all institutions.
  • Maintain a centralized database containing the list of courses and course substitutions that meet the prerequisite requirements for each baccalaureate degree program.
  • Appointment of faculty committees who will provide recommendations on program length and occupational completion points for each postsecondary career certificate program, diploma, and degree offered by a school district or a Florida College System institution.
  • Appoint faculty committees to identify statewide general education core course options.

This legislation also defines the number of:

  • Semester hours and subject areas that meet the General education curricula for Associate in Arts programs
  • Semester hours for an Associate in Arts degree, foreign language requirement,
  • College credit hours baccalaureate degree program can require
  • College credit hours for an Associate in Arts certificate and related requirements

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